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Planning the perfect honeymoon is a really fun job. You get to peruse websites for fabulous locations, imagine you and your sweetie having a marvelous time on the trip of a lifetime, and take a break from the more serious parts of wedding planning. There are so many great options that it can be บาคาร่า hard to know where to start. This guide to fun things to do on your honeymoon should get you started on planning your dream vacation.

Everyone wants something different from their honeymoon. If your idea of the ideal vacation is to relax as fully as possible, a beach honeymoon might be just what you need. A trip to a beautiful tropical destination is sure to be a fantastic way to unwind after the whirlwind of your wedding. Make it truly relaxing by unplugging – no email, no checking your Blackberry over dinner – just quiet strolls on the beach, waiters bringing pina coladas to your cabana and romantic dinners just for two.

When selecting your beach honeymoon destination, do your homework. A couples-oriented resort like Sandals will be much more romantic than one which is geared towards families with kids. Take the season into account, as well. Hurricane season in the Atlantic coincides with peak wedding season, so look into more far-flung islands or consider buying travel insurance in case your plans have to be rescheduled due to weather. Different islands also have their own unique flavor; some are geared towards outdoor enthusiasts, others have casinos and nightlife, some are very private and low-key. Pick the island that suits your preferences to make sure that your honeymoon is as fun as possible.

If you and your future spouse love fine dining, museums, and cultural events, a European honeymoon will be your cup of tea. Depending on how much time you have for your vacation, either choose one main city to visit or plan to tour a region. Italy, France, England, and Spain all have wonderful cultural features that would be incredible to plan a honeymoon around. Make your trip really elegant, and bring along nice clothing and your wedding jewelry so you can dress up for dinner every night. If you are interested in visiting popular museums, it is often possible to buy tickets online before even leaving home, which can save you hours of time wasted standing in line outside the Louvre or the Uffizi.

Couples who love adventure might try something a little less traditional for their honeymoon. One pair of newlyweds I knew had a majestic safari in Africa as their honeymoon trip. Truly the vacation of a lifetime, they got to see all the wildlife of Kenya up close with their safari tour guide. This would be an unforgettable experience, though certainly a certain spirit of adventure is needed. And do leave your best wedding jewelry and valuables at home, except for your camera, of course. An alternative is to go to Australia and New Zealand to see some of the world’s most interesting animals. Remember that all Southern Hemispheres have the opposite seasons of North America, and take that into account when packing for your trip.

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