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Language Translator Extension helps to translate shopping cart contents into various languages from a variety of countries. It makes it easy for the customers to buy products from the ecommerce portal. These extensions also help to convert different languages into multiple web languages, for instance Spanish into Chinese, or Arabic into Hebrew. To cater to the needs of its customers, the online merchant offers a wide range of extensions. These are customized to meet specific customer requirements and customizations.

Google Translate is one of the most popular translation tools available on the market. It is an easy-to-use, free translation tool. With the help of this extension, one can translate any text from any language to English. This tool uses Google’s official translation database to provide translated results english to marathi. You only need to choose which language you want to translate. One can also select from a variety of languages such as Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and so on.

Spanish Translator is another popular translation tool for Magento ecommerce websites. It can provide instant results using its built-in translator extension. It enables you to translate product and item descriptions, prices, products images and product reviews from several languages into English. The tool has a pop-up window that lets you select the items to be translated. This extension works well with the Maria extension.

It is a simple and effective tool that translates foreign phrases, name tags and keywords. It can also change the country’s names and abbreviations. It supports four different languages namely Arabic, Bosnian, Croatian and Lithuanian. If your website deals with international currencies, then Meta Currency Plus from Commerce Enterprise is a good choice. This extension supports over forty languages in addition to the four commonly known foreign currency pairs.

The cheapest but most in demand translation tool is the Google translate language translator. It is very easy to use as it provides a list of synonyms for the selected words or phrases. It also allows you to translate a webpage title in multiple languages. Google translate is an excellent option as it is simple to install and does not require the knowledge of complicated languages like Japanese. You can install it with just a few steps and it works fine on Linux operating systems.

There is also the Word Translator from Google. It offers several translation tools including the ability to browse the word by volume, by context, by grammar, by country, by length and by age. The translator also offers a translation by country, by language, by store view and by store type. The Word Translator also has an option for entering date-based languages (eg. Dutch, German, and Portuguese) and a date-based or time-based language.

Another recommended translator is the Microsoft translator. It is an all-in-one translator offering the capability of translating a document in multiple languages, including the target language, into the languages used by your company. If you have a lot of software requirements and multiple versions of a file, you can choose to install the MS translator. This tool offers the best value for money as it offers an expandable daily quota. For more details on how to get started with MS translator, you can refer to its website.

Using a translator to provide translation services for your company needs can prove to be extremely helpful, especially if you have a limited budget to spend on this service. There are many translation tools available online for free that can greatly simplify your job of providing interpretation for a large number of customers or clients across the globe. However, for more accurate results and great value for your money, consider purchasing an affordable translation tool extension so that your entire web site can be translated into the desired language.

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