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Smooth and sculpted thighs, buttocks, legs and hips are some of the features of an “ideal figure” for most women, but many struggle with unsightly dimples and bumps known as cellulite. Cellulite can form at any age and appears when fat cells get trapped directly underneath the skin tissues. Liposuction and other fat removal procedures cannot eliminate cellulite, but there are some cellulite reduction treatments available at cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery centers in the United States. 분당스웨디시

If you’re dealing with cellulite and want to learn about your options for cellulite removal, talk to your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. Your doctor will be able to perform a complete consultation and recommend a cellulite reduction treatment plan based on your body type, weight and your overall goals.

How is Cellulite Formed?

Several scientific studies show that cellulite occurs when swollen fat cells are pushed up against the connective fibers under the skin, which in turn pull the skin downward. This results in decreased circulation in certain areas of the body, and produces a dimply, “cottage cheese” like appearance. Some experts believe the development of cellulite is strictly genetic — even thin and athletic women can develop it, so there may not be a direct link to cellulite formation and exercise, diet and lifestyle. However, cellulite may be more pronounced if you are overweight or if you have loose, sagging and untoned skin.

Cellulite formation is preventable, but once you have it, it can be almost impossible to get rid of it. Diet and exercise cannot get rid of cellulite. Cellulite creams and body wraps for cellulite can make the skin appear firmer and tighter temporarily, but none of these topical products will get rid of cellulite on their own.

How do Cellulite Treatments Work?

Many of today’s popular cellulite reduction treatments including Synergie, Endermologie and VelaSmooth promote lymphatic drainage, the body’s natural detoxification system which helps to flush out excess cells and toxins. Some of these treatments work by heating up the fatty tissue or massaging it until the fat cells break down on their own. Everything is performed on top of the skin’s surface, so there are no needles or surgery involved.

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