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Auctions are an ancient way to sell things and products. Live auctions exist in locations held within enclosed buildings like auction houses and also live auctions are held at the actual point of sale like a home and also in fields if the items being auctioned are heavy equipment or other very large items. But there is a newer format for selling items and products that would not be easy to imagine several decades ago. This is the business of selling items online during a live auction environment kiostoto.

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In the traditional auction environment the auctioneers would advertise the auction well in advance and in the case of very pricey items they would have glossy brochures printed that they sent out or sold to interested buyers. Then they would set up the auction room and sometimes charge admittance to the auction besides charging a buyer’s premium on whatever is sold. And sometimes they charge both a buyers and sellers premium on items for sale and those sold. People who had a specific interest would attend these auctions often bidding over a telephone line which had to be set up in advance. This telephone line is the rough predecessor to the online auction. Of course if the auction is being held in a field then it would not be so posh but still interested parties will still attend and often it will attract other traffic as it drives by the area.

Now with the various components of the internet live auctions can be held over an internet website set up for just such a purpose. These are possible because there are webcams and audio streaming and various ways through electronic interactions including online chat that make the online auction seem almost as if the participants are actually at the auction site itself. The main different is that you are not engrossed and perhaps caught in the auction fever of the people pressed around you much the same as engaging in online gambling without the crowds pressing in and around you to watch. But the items are put up for auction and via the internet you participate in the action.

Then there are the auctions that are held via a website online where an individual is auctioning off one or more of their personal items. This type of auction can be overseen by a community website or social networking site or via a set specific time and date where you and others engage in auctioning off your stuff. Or this action can be through the internet social networking site with a professional auctioneer or even with one of the site members hosting the auction.

There are other types of auctions online but they may not be considered ‘live’ in one sense but in another they are live because an item is offered for sale to the highest bidder over a period of days or several weeks. The prospective bidders have the ample opportunity to ask questions, get answers, more pictures and other information before they actually bid.

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