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Baby bedding is very important and it needs to be just the right kind so your baby can sleep as well as it can. Babies need their sleep and even though they may wake up every few hours, they are sleeping all the time. There is a lot to think about with the bedding you use because it has to be gentle on their skin. Let’s take a look at some great options for your baby’s bedding and why one is much better that all the others.

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Like we mentioned, baby bedding needs to be gentle so your best option is an organic bedding. You would be surprised to know that there are many chemicals in normal sheets that can be very irritating to the skin. A baby’s skin is very delicate itself and organic fibers will ensure that it won’t get irritated or cause the baby to lose rest.

You have three options really in this case… cotton, bamboo, and silk. I highly suggest that you stick with bamboo and silk because besides being organic, they also will help the baby as they are hypoallergenic too. They are also very good at regulating body temperature Pure Silk Bedding.

These reasons are why I highly suggest silk for your baby’s crib. Silk is the softest of fabrics, but you much make sure you get mulberry silk because it’s the best and softest. The soft feel will definitely comfort the baby and help with their sleep.

The best thing about silk bedding is that is will make sure the baby’s body temperature stays the same. It’s very good at helping whisk away body sweat which is the reason that body temperature can take such drastic changes. Beyond that, silk is lightweight and easy for the baby to move. Heavy fabrics and blankets are a suffocation risk.

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