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It goes without saying that we’re living in trying economic times that find even successful business owners strapped for cash when it comes to money to pour into productivity resources 聊天室. That said, it’s fortunate that we’re also living in the internet age – a time when some of the best and most reliable resources out there are more than just affordable. They’re free!

Google’s fabulous suite of interconnected apps are a perfect example of what we’re talking about. Google apps can help streamline your company’s record-keeping functions, 香港交友網 make staying in touch with your business associates a snap, and much more… all for free and without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. The following are just three ways this terrific collection of tools can help you streamline your business.

Communicate With Incredible Ease

While there are plenty of free e-mail services out there 識女仔方法, there is really only one that actually delivers business quality results and that’s Google’s Gmail. Not only does Gmail feature built-in anti-virus and anti-spam filters that render third party filters unnecessary, but the entire interface makes it a simple process to save and organize your most important e-mails with ease. Google’s chat interface – Google Talk – further provides a simple and reliable way to IM or video chat with your entire contact list in a flash.

Scheduling Options You Can Count On

No business manager’s life is complete without a flexible online calendar system that can help them organize everything on their to-do list, not to mention the to-do lists of their employees! Google Calendar makes it a simple process to create, edit, and share multiple calendars with just a few simple mouse clicks. Build and share separate schedules for project close dates, employee work schedules, multiple deadlines, and more. It’s even simple to use on the go, as it integrates easily with any SmartPhone or mobile e-mail app.

Take the Guesswork Out of Documents

Ask anyone with a bustling business to manage which Google app they consider to be the biggest godsend and they’ll probably tell you it’s Google Docs. With Google apps in your corner, you no longer have to worry about figuring out which of your team members received the latest copy of an important memo, document, or form. The entire team shares access to just one document, removing a lot of room for error and misunderstanding.

Unlike Microsoft Office – the go-to organizational solution for so many of today’s businesses – Google Docs is not only free, but easily shared among an unlimited number of employees, associates, and clients. Handy and trustworthy tracking apps make it possible not only to track which of your many team members made a give change to a form, but also to roll it back to a previous version in a flash if need be.

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