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Not many people realize that there are ways to improve eyesight naturally. This means you do not have to undergo any kind of eye surgery and still be able to see clearly without eyeglasses or contact lenses. This article is meant to help you understand the different ways to improve your vision naturally.

The eye is a muscle, and just like any muscle of the body, it needs regular exercises and the proper care for it to function optimally. Eye exercises and relaxation techniques have helped thousands of people worldwide improve eyesight for almost a century now. These techniques can help cure the most common eyesight problems, including farsightedness (Hyperopia), nearsightedness (Myopia), and astigmatism.

But before we go on, you need to know that the results of vision exercises and relaxation techniques vary from one person to the other. The time and the degree of the improvement of your eyesight will greatly depend on the kind of eye problem you have, the cause of this problem, your lifestyle, and you daily habits. It is quite possible that you notice a dramatic improvement in your eyesight in just a couple of weeks, or you may experience that some eye exercises will not affect your vision at all.

However, even if you feel that eye exercises and relaxation techniques do not significantly improve your vision, they can prove to be beneficial for several reasons:

– Eye exercises and vision relaxation techniques are the best way to reduce vision stress. Eye stress is the most common cause for several eye problems. If you incorporate eye exercises and relaxation techniques in your daily life, your vision stress will be significantly reduced. This promotes clearer overall eyesight and it may even delay the progression of your existing eye problems.

– By exercising your eyes daily you tend to create more healthy vision habits. As you are implementing these techniques into you daily life, you become more conscious Visiclear about what is good for your eyes as well as the different activities you have to avoid so as to protect your vision.

Now that you understand the different benefits of vision exercises and relaxation techniques, let’s move on to some eye exercises that you can start practicing right now.

1. Tromboning Exercise – Get any small object and hold it at arm’s length, inhale, then slowly move the object you are holding closer to you until it touches the tip of your nose. Now exhale, focus on the object and move it back out. Do this exercise for 10 minutes daily. This kind of exercise improves control of your extra ocular eye muscles and simultaneously stimulates the flow of nutrients inside your eyes.

2. Finger exercise – hold your finger up six inches away from your eyes. Inhale and stare at your finger for 10 seconds. Exhale and shift your focus to an object 20 meters away from you for another 10 seconds. Repeat the process 20 times daily, especially when you feel that your eyes are strained.

3. Acupressure exercise – With your fingertips, apply firm pressure to the muscles surrounding your eye. Close your eyes and gently press the top of your cheek bones, then press the tip the bridge of your nose, and the bone right above your eyebrows. Don’t press too long, just one second and then release.

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