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Before we get into the comparison between Hunter and Floyd, let me tell you what this fight is all about. The main event of this fight is Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather in an MMA match. These two fighters have been training for months and have made personal visits to the same gym that they will both be fighting at in the World Fighting Championships in Brisbane, Australia. The fans and media alike have been watching and waiting for this fight to happen.


These two fighters have gone through grueling training sessions with trainer Mike Winkeljohn. This is a grueling fight for both because they both are skilled fighters. Hunter has won his last three fights, but has never been able to put them on his resume as a title contender. He will most likely end up fighting for the scraps he receives from time to time la academia en vivo.

Floyd has had some issues with his last fight. He ended the fight against Diego Sanchez with a broken jaw. It was a devastating blow for him and he still paid tribute to his opponent during the post-fight press conference. It looked like he was going to lose, but he was able to bounce back and defeat Sanchez in the subsequent fight. The question now is, can he do it again against a man who is known as a “Gunslinger?” This is a legitimate challenge for the best fighter in the world.

Even though both men have trained for many years, it will be a battle that people will remember for years to come. It is one of those fights that have everything that a fan base is looking for, but also one that have the potential for some brutal violence if the fighters decide to trade off blows. There will be plenty of action both in the boxing ring and on the big screen.

Many experts have predicted that this fight will be sold out within the first hour. This should come as no surprise to those who saw them when they fought in 2021. They are both exciting fighters, and it will be interesting to see which of them comes out on top. It appears as though there is enough talent in the fight for both men to at least give it a good shot. Who knows how this fight will turn out, but it appears as though it will be an excellent fight.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission requires that a licensed trainer be present during any boxing match. The same rule does not apply for this fight, but it is highly doubtful that either man will need a trainer. If both men continue to dazzle in the ring, this may very well be a fight to see which man comes out on top. This boxing match has all the potential to be a spectacular performance.

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