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Sadly, the problem of drug addiction is increasing each day. Starting from teenagers to college goers, drug usage is clearly rising at a horrifying rate. Recent statistics claim that 19.5 million people aged above 12 use illegal drugs in the United States. It is distressing but undoubtedly true that illegal drugs are no longer hard to obtain if you know the right sources.

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Starting from schools to colleges, drugs such as weed, heron, LSD are spreading like wild fire. For some, it may be due to the urge to try it once, but later they become addicted to it and find it very difficult to get rid of the habit. Over dose of drugs have led to several deaths and the toll is rising with each passing year. Students who are hardcore addicts often resort to steal money to buy drugs. Some even steal stuff like a watch to sell it off and get cash buy lsd.

If you have recent discovered that your child has been a victim of addiction, then don’t delay in admitting him to a drub rehabilitation center. Parents have often made the mistake of ignoring these problems that have worsened with the passing of time. Admitting him in a drug rehab is the only way to salvage the situation.

So what exactly happens in a drug rehab? The doctors first try to tackle the root of the problem. They try to find out why the patient started using drugs and accordingly begin their treatment. The first step to curing addicts is detoxification, which means the complete removal of drugs from their body. The next stage is slightly more difficult as they have to teach the patient to control the cravings of their body.

However, with the help of counseling and meditation, the patient can overcome the cravings and gradually adapt to a healthier lifestyle. Meditation is mostly used to heal the disturbed mind of the patient so that he can control the “urge” to indulge in the addiction once more. Even when the patient is completely cured, the doctors make sure that there are no chances of the addiction relapsing.

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