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A unique new way of gardening, aquaponics combines hydroponics and aquaculture to produce healthy, organic food options. The best part, anyone can start up their own system with few costs and little work.

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Aquaponic vs. Gardening

Some gardener’s would rather choose “land” gardening over aquaponics, but there are pros and cons to both options. In aquaponics, instead of using soil and land to plant crops, the plants are in the water and fish do all the providing. Aquaponics does not use chemicals and pesticides, producing all natural foods. You do not need a lot of space to grow plants, just a tank that suits the size and number of plants you will be growing. You will not lose your crops due to unwanted animals, insects, and bad weather, since the only thing the plants rely upon is the nutrients from the fish. It is a safer, healthier way to grow food unique weed pipes.

Associated Costs

While going to the store and purchasing organic foods grown by someone else may be easier, it can be expensive after awhile. Growing these foods yourself can save you money, granted you put in a bit of work to ensure your garden is successful. The majority of costs associated with aquaponics are the start up costs. The purchase of the appropriate seeds, fish, and equipment make up the main start up costs. PVC piping to act as “soil” for your plants, a filter for the fish, and any additional weeds, such as duckweed, are additional costs. From then on, however, the system almost sustains itself. Any repair to the tank as your plants grow is the only future costs. Aside from purchasing more fish, a larger tank, and more plants, you are pretty much just reaping the benefits of your garden.

Starting Up

Now that you understand the benefits and the differences in gardening, you can choose how to want to start your aquaponic garden. A system can be easily set up in your back yard, as long as you have the appropriate equipment and guide. Choosing aquaponics will save money while still eating healthy. Most of the supplies can be purchased at a hardware store, and you can start as small as you like. Any number of fish can be purchased, as well as a variety of seeds. The possibilities are endless. A single aquaponics system can sustain a family of four for life. These systems are efficient, produce plenty of food, and are a cheaper option for those who prefer to eat organic foods. Aquaponics allow you to grow what you want, how you want, and in the healthiest way possible.

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