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For women, finding the best fitness watch for women can be a bit confusing. There are so many models to choose from, and each has a number of different features. A woman may find that they need more features than a man would. This is when it can help to know a few facts before making a purchase. The pros and cons listed below will give a woman an idea if the Fitbit Flex would be the best choice for her.

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Fitbit Flex Pros – One of the major benefits of the Flex is that it can offer a woman a very advanced and sleek look on the wrist. The easy to use face display is especially helpful in this regard. The Fitbit Flex comes with a number of useful features such as heart rate monitor, workout modes, calorie counter and a calorie monitor. It also offers two days of battery life, which is one of the most important things that a woman will need to consider when shopping for a new product. The battery life is always-on display, so the woman does not need to worry about it being off.

Fitbit Pro Pros – The Fitbit Pro is another great item that offers a woman a lot of benefits. The most obvious benefit is the heart rate monitor built into the strap. This is a great feature for a woman who is serious about their fitness. With the Pro, the woman is able to view their heart rate at all times, even while wearing casual clothing. The Fitbit Pro also offers an MP3 player built into the band that can be used with an iPod or cell phone.

Fitbit Cons – A drawback of the Fitbit Flex is that the tiny battery needs to be recharged several times during a workout. This can become frustrating, but it is worth it for the amount of time it saves. The two-day battery life does not seem like much, but if a woman is using the watch during a work out, she may find that her workouts are cut short due to not having the batteries charge. Another drawback of the Fitbit is that the apps that support it do not seem to be very robust. It seems that the developers of these apps have not spent a lot of time improving them.

Nike Swimsuit Plus – This is one of the more popular products on this list. The pros and cons of the Nike Swimsuit Plus have a lot to do with price. While the product does cost nearly as much as the Fitbit, it offers many features that make it worth the price. Most importantly, it offers a heart rate monitor built into the strap that monitoring intensity, speed, distance, calories burned, and laps. Some of the other apps available for the Nike Swimsuit Plus include a workout mode, calories burned calculator, and a calorie count.

Garmin Vivienda – There aren’t many cons to this watch as the price is very reasonable and it offers some neat features. The only con is that it doesn’t offer as much information as the Fitbit. One of the nice features is the HR monitoring, which allows the watch to give you an approximation of your workout based on the amount of intensity you’re exerting. Other apps available on the Garmin Vivienda include a calorie counter, a GPS that come on when you need it, and a map to help with navigating through the outdoors.

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