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Living a green life is a vital practice of our life to contribute our part for reducing the effects of Global Warming. Many environmental and green organizations are conducting campaigns and awareness programs throughout the world to save our planet from pollution, climate change, etc. A green life is nothing but, your own way of life with some considerations of preserving the earth from the threats against the ecological system, atmosphere and environment. To achieve this, you need not to follow any special methods to live your day to day life or to follow and hard and fast rules, but you can apply a “give and take” methodology with your environment to preserve your own green world.

Consume fresh products of nature

For a peaceful life, the first key factor needed is health. Mother Nature has provided us with all the essential things to survive in this world. Since a healthy food determines a good health, you should stick to natural foods like vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, etc instead of taking other fatty, oily or junk foods. Consuming organic and nature products are the basic practices of green living. In the life in your home, you can use homemade natural products rather than using chemical products Using Eco friendly products is a wise choice of the people who love green living. Herbal medicines can be used and though, these traditional medicines will take some time to cure the diseases, they would not cause any side effects.

Support recycled and reusable products

If you want to buy a product, choose a recycled or a reusable product. Try to minimize the “waste” in your home or in office. For example, the disposable plastic bags that are used for wrapping food and the juice packs will add more “waste” to the environment after consuming them. These plastic junks will be harmful to the environment since they are non-biodegradable and burning them will cause green house gases. Using safe reusable containers will minimize the wastage and you have to minimize wastage of resources like food, water, power, etc, through which you can contribute your part to protect nature. If you are interested in “Do it yourself” methods, you can recycle unused products to make some innovative and creative things from a small pen stand to a big paper made seating, instead of buying a new product. You can make recycled creative products from old papers, old records, glass pieces, jute, plastic things, wooden pieces, broken things, etc. rather than throwing them into dustbins.

Start using Technologies

For producing one ton of paper nearly 25 trees are used, which is a great threat to green life. An average American receives 40 pounds of junk mails in a year and 44% of these unread mails are occupying the landfills. To stop the flood of junk mails, you can use the technologies like email, Internet to send or get information instead of using papers or News papers. Books and study materials in e-forms and recycled papers will help to save trees. A ton of recycled paper can save the lives of 17 trees. Really, a large number of trees will survive if we stop using papers. In your home or office, you can use cloth napkins instead of using papers. Encourage the younger generation, to use these technologies to minimize the usage of papers.

Spend some time with nature

According to a study of Harvard Medical School, growing fresh flowers at home will help people to relieve from their mental stress and tension. Some psychologists recommend, people to practice gardening at home which helps to improve their positive attitude. You can enjoy your green life with a small garden at home and if you have enough space in your garden you can grow trees as your contribution to save green.

Change your life style

You would be surprised to hear that, physical work will more contribute to green living. For example using a bicycle rather than motor vehicles or cars, to travel nearby places will help to decrease a significant percentage of the air pollution of our environment. Car Pooling and using environmental friendly vehicles are the best ideas for green living which reduces the air pollution. If these are followed worldwide, we can see a significant rate of decrease in Carbon emissions from vehicles, which have their major influence on global warming.

The ideas mentioned above are a few simple ways through which you “give” your contribution to protect green life from the threats like global warming and you “take” resources of nature for some purposes. These ideas are to get started and contribute to green living and a better environment to leave for our grandchildren. One key thing that would also help, is the idea of using electricity and lighting only to the extent it is needed and do not keep them running all the time – every bit you do by adopting a greener stand will make the world a better place to live in.

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