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Plastic is one of the most well known synthetic substances in the world. It is used for a variety of different things from plastic bags, furniture, cushions, toys and much more. In this article we will look at a very popular type of plastic which is called PVC (aka PVCu) and explain what it is and why you may need it in your day to day life. Here’s what we’ll cover.

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What exactly is PVC? Plastic is typically resins (but not necessarily) that is processed through a chemical process. Resins are a broad spectrum of synthetic or semisynthetic materials that use polymers as an active ingredient. Their plasticity enables plastics to be extruded, moulded, sliced or printed in a variety of different shapes. In terms of plastics PVCu are sorted according to the material they are made of (which is also determined by how they are made and what they will be used for).

So why should you recycle plastic? Well there are two main benefits to recycling plastics. The first is environmental; plastics have been found to remain indefinitely useful after they have been disposed of thung nhua 50 lit. Although plastics don’t go ‘out of fashion’ as other materials, they do tend to lose their attractiveness to the point where they are hardly ever used. This means that they sit in a landfill for many years before being brought out for recycling services. This, of course, reduces the amount of waste created overall meaning less carbon emissions into the environment.

The second reason why you should consider recycling your plastics is that recycling services generally earn money from the resulting recycled plastics. Recycling also improves the health of the general population by reducing the amount of waste that is produced (because of plastic waste) and improving the health and nutrition of those who consume it (due to improved nutrition). So you not only help the environment but earn some money at the same time. There are many different types of recycled plastics, which can be separated into several different categories depending on their origin and intended use.

Most recycling bins contain plastics such as PVCu, PEu, and the low density polyethylene. PVCu is the most common out of these and has low density features. Low density polyethylene is mixed with lighter weight PVCu to form a more pliable product. It is also mixed with Teflon to improve its resistance to harsh chemicals.

The three most commonly recycled plastics are currently PVCu, PEu and LDPE. Of these the PVCu are the lowest density and most widely utilised, followed by LDPE. Of the three plastic types Teflon coated plastics are commonly recycled, and are used in everything from food packaging to roofing. These plastics can also be made into different colouring materials, such as black and blue. This recycling system makes it easier for society to reuse, making it an environmentally responsible choice.

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