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Who is Jack Mason? The name sounds like something from a spy movie but Jack Mason is the real life person of that name and he is a character created by writer Mark Twain in his book. In this fictional book, Jack Mason is a former slave whose life is changed forever when he joins the Underground Railroad. From then on, he is a beloved figure to African Americans, both white and black, as well as those from all walks of life.

The book written by Twain was a sensation, and it was soon turned into a play as well as a film. The book soon became one of the best-selling books in history. Who is Jack Mason? remains a question that continues to be asked even today, even though the majority of people have heard of the story and know about the man who is the central character Who is Jack Mason.

Jack Mason was born in Missouri. As a child, his father, a well-known printer, was sentenced to hard labor because of the war. Jack’s mother resorted to sewing money from her own handbag in order to send her son away to school. When she returned, however, she found that her purse had been taken. She was only 17 at the time.

One day, Jack met a young girl who worked in a printing shop. They were immediately drawn to each other – she was beautiful, smart and he was bold and handsome. Within a few months, they fell in love and were soon married. But soon their love for each other became stronger than their desire for work.

After several years of being married, Jack Mason developed a talent for writing. He spent much of his time pouring over notebooks and novels filled with stories of the Civil War and the lives of his friends and family. But his biggest break came when he wrote an article for a prominent magazine that introduced an Underground Railroad for free African Americans.

Jack Mason – or so he thought – became the go-to man for black Americans during the period of the Gilded Age. He was a renowned writer whose name graced the pages of the New York Times, The Chicago Daily Tribune and the Washington Post. Jack Mason trivia shows that he had a difficult time making any money because many of his clients were wealthy individuals. Yet he persevered, writing tirelessly and becoming famous.

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