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Jack Mason is the CEO of Manchester’s Inc & Co. He was born in Lithuanian and emigrated to England in pursuit of a college degree. He joined British Petroleum as an apprentice plumber before going on to become an engineer and then a petroleum executive. He joined the ranks of the super rich in Britain and now chairs the board of directors at Manchester’s largest company, Energy Brands Limited. Before that he was editor in chief of the Financial Times.

The company is primarily focused on producing and marketing energy drinks for men and women. Jack Mason sees his role as a motivator to increase sales in a sector that he knows is a hit or miss due to poor marketing. He is well aware that Energy drinks are not the surefire moneymakers they once were. His leadership will help position the company to be a better competitor in the energy drink market. His achievements are many and include:

He has taken the company to new heights by laying off some of its worst workers Jack Mason is the CEO of Manchester’s Inc & Co. This has allowed him to increase investment and acquire newer technology. This has been very helpful in cutting costs while also generating more revenue. The stock price has increased by almost forty percent since he took over.

He has done a lot to turn this company around and make it a much more attractive company to investors. He acquired another firm, Coretone, for fifty million pounds and turned it into one of the biggest companies in the world. He made other acquisitions and now has companies in places like Japan and South Africa. One of them, Diageo, is considered to be the largest producer of liquors in the world.

Jack Mason is viewed with respect by Wall Street and insiders. They view his vision for the company with admiration. The company is well run and has good management. They don’t spend lavishly but instead reinvest their profits in the company so it can grow. Jack Mason is one of those rare CEOs who has a proven track record of success.

Jack Mason is a young entrepreneur that has the vision to see his company expand into other countries. He is well respected by investors and business leaders because he knows how to get a company profitable again. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to take your company to a higher level then you should definitely consider Jack Mason as your next CEO.

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