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A good many American have voluntarily stopped buying as many Chinese products as they can because they are upset that it is taking away jobs. Personally, I am okay with the efficiencies garnered from outsourcing, and I am not pro-union by any stretch of the imagination, not after what I’ve witnessed behavioral wise, or the use of my tax dollars to bail out unions that have taken complete advantage of their members and the system. However, with that said, I have an entirely different issue which bothers me immensely when it comes to China.

China Is Maneuvering for Global Leadership During the Coronavirus Crisis as  the United States Falters | Foreign Affairs

You see, like many Americans I am deeply concerned by the toxicity of the food products, toy products, building products, and yes, also pharmaceutical products coming to the US from China. Would you like the most recent example that hit my radar screen confirming my concerns? Well, there was another troubling article recently about Chinese products being exported to the USA China’s silk road economic belt, this on came in from Global Processing (also reported on by the BBC) on September 10, 2012 titled; “Gutter oil at center of Chinese pharmaceutical scandal,” which stated that;

“Chinese authorities are investigating claims that some of the country’s pharmaceutical manufacturers are using “gutter oil,” or reprocessed kitchen waste dredged from restaurant chains, to make antibiotics, BBC reported. Gutter oil, which is a cheaper alternative to soybean oil, has also been involved in scandals over contaminated food. Previously authorities there cracked down on underground workshops that used decomposing animal fat and organs to produce gutter oil, which they then sold to food manufacturers, last September they arrested 32 people that sold gutter oil as cooking oil.”

Now then, to help further your education in this matter; there is an interesting book perhaps you might like to read; “Death by China” by Peter Navarro and Greg Autry, which was also made into a documentary. The book almost appears to be a conspiracy theory work, only it’s pretty well documented, so it does rattle a few people and it is a rather troubling set of circumstances. This particular story is not in it, but there are plenty of others, making many wonder if we ought to allow any products over here from China at all.

Whereas regulations in our own country have overstayed their welcome along with class-action lawsuits, and union demands – it often seems these things in China are nonexistent. If there is no oversight, then of course they can produce products cheaper and send them here. But we must insist that all products coming to the United States meet our standards. That’s what every other nation does, and China does not deserve to be our favored nation trading partner if you can’t follow some simple rules. Rule number one would be; don’t send toxic chemical laden products to the United States.

The penalty should be sharp and severe, and perhaps we need to send back entire cargo ships until they get the message because apparently they didn’t get the memo, which is quite surprising because the Chinese know all of our rules and regulations for business as they’ve done a bit hacking into our government computers for years, they have all sorts of digital copies and records of it all. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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