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If you are tossing up between which are the best vacuums on the market today and still can’t decide which to purchase you should check out the following list. These pointers should help you decide which features should be important to you when you buy your new vacuum.

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Price: This is always an important consideration. Research has shown price is a reasonably guide as to the effectiveness of any vacuum cleaner. At the same time it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive vacuum cleaner. Instead first look for the model that has the features you require. More expensive models are likely to come with more accessories and have a longer reach.

Power: Watts do NOT equal performance. Instead other factors such as design, suction tubes, and filters have a bigger impact on the overall effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner.

Design: A canister model, one that lies on the floor, will be easier to carry up stairs and vacuum your car. Uprights are often easier to move around.

Power Control: Some vacuum cleaners have the ability to change the motor power when you need it. This is useful when vacuuming cushions or curtains or on some hardwood floors Best vacuum for Stairs.

Dust Bags or Vacuum Bins: Some cleaners on the market have built in bins (or even re-usable cloth bags) while these will save you money they are messy. These are a poor option if you suffer from allergies. Throwaway dust bags are tidier but remember you have to pay for each one.

Noise: How much noise will the unit make?

Swivel head: A feature of some of the best vacuums on the market is a swivel connection where the hose pipe attaches itself to the vacuum. This allows greater mobility and helps reduce the chance of a cleaner catching on a corner, or from tipping whilst being towed.

Turbo or Power head: These improve the pickup rate on dirt such as pet hair. The only problem with these is while they work well you do need to periodically clean the head of hair build up.

Telescopic wand: Most of the best vacuums have a telescopic wand that can be adjusted to your height. This reduces the amount bending and awkward movement needed while vacuuming.

Accessories: Make sure the cleaner comes with the accessories you will need. A rule of thumb is that the more a model costs the more accessories that should come with it.

You want to purchase the best vacuums you can. Check out all the features above to see what is important to you. Then make an educated decision.

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