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Vietnam wood factories produce high quality timber for construction and decoration. This can be harvested right here in the heart of the country and brought to the market where it can be sold for a premium price. More than half of Vietnam’s total forests are used in the building process of buildings and other structures, so more are heading to Vietnam to set up or expand their own wood production facilities. But why are they coming here?

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Vietnam is emerging as a key global economic and political power. That means the people here have good jobs with good pay. The country itself is not just rich but resilient too. It’s also a country with a solid economy. So you can see why Vietnam wood factories would want to do business with you – even before you reach the completion phase of your product design and construction. Here’s how you can get started with Vietnam manufacturing and Vietnam sourcing.

Vietnam has six languages – English, Chinese, French, Vietnamese and German. Like many other countries in the area, it’s a great idea to have at least two languages on hand to communicate with your clients or suppliers. If one doesn’t suffice, use the others. You’ll be able to communicate with your clientele in both Vietnamese and English, and also be able to read and understand their expressions and mannerisms. That means your Vietnam wood factories will be a better experience for everyone if you also take the time to learn their language.

Since you’re already planning to expand your Vietnam wood factories to employ more workers, you need to find ways to convince them that the project is worthwhile. One strategy is to include some incentives with their salaries. For example, when the number of units produced increases, more incentive money can be added in their salaries. Or you could offer them free vacations every so often. This way, you not only keep your existing employees happy but you attract new ones with the promise of great incentives and vacations.

When it comes to selling Vietnam wood items, the main months to release are January and February. During these months, which is about forty days after the end of the trading year, you will find that most wholesalers and manufacturers are out of stocks. This is good, as this is the best time to restock your stocks. In addition, since it’s a bi-monthly celebration, more factory owners will hold off releasing their inventory until the next year, ensuring that they’ll be able to fulfill orders for the entire year Vietnam wood factories.

Now that the holidays are over, the only months left to release are March and April. By this time, all overseas manufacturing and sourcing businesses have received their seasonal orders, so they’ll have plenty of time to prepare their machinery for the next twelve months. Meanwhile, the cost of raw materials has gone down by one percent, so there’s no need to panic if you think you might not receive your order for next year. Remember, as the Vietnam wood industries sourcing and trading partner, you must always prioritize the needs of your customers before looking out for yourself.

The fourth quarter of the year is the best time to visit Vietnam wood factories. This is the period when companies in Vietnam trading in timber, machinery and auto-related products are releasing their inventory. The result of this is a situation where Vietnamese wood factories are glutted and they don’t have enough raw material to keep production running. If you visit Vietnam during this time, you can find that many foreign companies are investing in Vietnam metal factories. These Vietnamese industrial establishments are capable of turning out high quality automobiles, cars and boats – even aircraft.

Let’s not forget about the fifth and final quarter of the year. The month of dimen February – which falls on February 8 – is considered to be the Chinese New Year. The tradition here is to offer big discounts to domestic consumers as well as export Chinese raw materials to Vietnam. At the end of the month, manufacturers from Vietnam will be busy with orders for the new year. Remember to visit Vietnam wood industries for the best discounts and free gifts during this period.

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