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Many things have changed in modern home entertainment. Among the biggest shifts of all is how viewers are no longer subject to the whims of the networks. If you want to see a movie or an episode of your favorite series but missed the premiere, it’s usually just a matter of using On Demand services from satellite TV. Here are five hot movies you can ‘demand’ whenever you like.

1. Nine. It worked with Chicago, so why not try it out again with Nine? Rob Marshall came back with another star-studded musical, this one based on Fellini’s 8 ½. With bombshells like Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz in the mix, it’s hard for another star to find room. However, that is exactly what Marion Cotillard does as the wife of Guido (Daniel Day Lewis), the director with no script and even less of an idea for his latest movie. Be Italian and have a ball with this new release on satellite TV.

2. Edge of Darkness. Many said Mel Gibson’s career was over, but Apocalypto and other pictures have put him back on the map. Edge of Darkness represents the return of Mel as action star, and there are many opportunities for him to get physical as he tries to find the man who killed his daughter. Revenge and despair are a good mix for Gibson, who brings the audience along for a ride that leads to many dark corners in government and corporate conspiracies. Check out this hot film in HD whenever you like.

3. Public Enemies. While this stylish crime film is Johnny Depp’s show all the way, Christian Bale does his best to take matters into his own hands. The story of the pursuit and capture of Public Enemy #1 John Dillinger is given the proper treatment by director Michael Mann, of Miami Vice and Collateral fame. Bale delivers as the single-minded lawman, while Depp does his best to create depth and mystery in the role of one of the country’s most famous criminals. Dial up this film On Demand whenever the mood hits.

4. A Clockwork Orange. On Demand services are not all about paying for pictures; they are also about ordering whatever movie you want to see, in many cases for free. A Clockwork Orange is one of Stanley Kubrick’s best films and will outclass most modern films being released. Should you wait for Turner Classic Movies or HBO to run this film in HD? There is no reason to wait when you have On Demand services at your control Situs Judi Bola Resmi.

5. Casino Royale. James Bond came back with a vengeance when Daniel Craig stepped into the role. A brawling, blond version of Bond is definitely a new thing for the franchise and Craig has proven to be the shot of life that the spy needed. Judi Dench co-stars as the beleaguered M, trying to track Bond as he goes rogue in the Caribbean. Should she be worried about damaging international relations or see where 007 takes the organization? Casino Royale is entertainment at its best on satellite TV.

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