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Understanding coins and conversation rates in the World of Warcraft economy is essential if you are seeking to maximize your profits. While this is actually a very basic concept to the seasoned players of WoW, many new players may not quite grasp this until much later in the game. There are several methods of acquiring cash in the game. Many elect to complete quests, others “grind” certain areas and mobs for loot, how to get free spins in coin master many choose to sell to the in-game NPCs, and players, and others participate in buying and selling at the in-game Auction House. You may choose to do a little of it all! If so, coins and conversation rates in the economy of World of Warcraft is an important concept and you should have a good understanding of it.

World of Warcraft Coins

There are three different types of World of Warcraft coins in the game. Typically, these coins represent the currency in which the players of the game operate on. The coins include that of copper, silver, and the most sought after – gold! The following represents a small description of these coins:

1. Coins that are considered to be “Copper” are represented buy a small, copper colored circle. These are also represented by the letter “c”.

2. Coins that are “Silver” are represented by a small, silver colored circle. These are also represented by the letter “s”.

3. Coins that are “Gold” are represented by a small, gold and/or yellowish circle. These are represented by the letter “g”.

The Conversation Rates

Just as there are conversion rates of real life money, like four quarters equals a dollar, there are conversation rates with the coins in World of Warcraft. The following represents the rates so that you have a better understanding of what they are during game play:

1. If you gain one hundred copper, it will automatically convert into one silver.

2. If you acquire one hundred silver, it will convert into one gold.

3. There is no conversation rate for a gold coin at this time.

Coin Creation and Elimination

In World of Warcraft, there is coin creation and elimination. Money is not considered to be “consistent” on any particular server in the game. Coin creation occurs in many instances. For example, it can be acquired when you sell something, loot from the dead or even complete quests. In the same respect, coins are eliminated when you buy something in the game; you pay for repairs, and even when you delete your character.


There are a number of different aspects when it comes to the economy in World of Warcraft. In order to be a proficient player, it is absolutely vital that you gain a sound understanding of all the different aspects of the game. This includes coins and conversation rates. By doing so, you can know at all times how much you truly have, and how much you need to acquire to lead up to a certain amount of gold in World of Warcraft.

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