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People don’t realize how important their sense of hearing is until it is gone. Regardless what people think, hearing disorders can affect people of any age, gender or race. What the causes of hearing disorders and how to treat them are the important information a person needs to know.

When it comes to birth defects, hearing loss is not a stranger as every three babies have it out of every 1,000 babies. Both children and adults of all ages can get hearing disorders. Eating medication to counteract illnesses and physical trauma are other causes that are very common.

Environmental noise that is loud and beyond normal decibel levels can cause a person to lose his or her hearing. Airports, construction sites, concerts are all environments with very loud noises that can damage a person. Things like the use of guns, tools that emit very loud noises even if just for a burst of time are dangerous too.

Hearing impairment, depending on the form, can often times be treated with the use of hearing aids. If you thought there was just one kind of hearing aids then you are wrong, as there are more than 10 different classes. One common objective of hearing aids is to collect then magnify and amplify the surrounding sound to the user.

A hearing aid is usually categorized by where the electro acoustic apparatus is worn. Hearing aids worn behind the ear are called BTE and these are made up of a case, a tube and ear synapse xt molds. The BTE is often prescribed by doctors because of its practicality, being a device worn outside the ear, free from damage caused by moisture and earwax.

Another type of hearing aid that is gaining momentum in the medical field are cochlear ear implants. The only way to install the implant is by surgery as the device is needed to be placed behind the target ear and underneath the scalp. The implant is made to act like your own cochlea as it does the same things as collects sounds, converts these into impulses and sends these through electrodes into the brain.

A cochlear implant has some very complex parts as it has a microphone, speech processor, transmitter, receiver, stimulator and many tiny electrodes. Cochlear implants are at this moment still an extremely expensive option and most cochlear implants are performed in developed countries. A person’s hearing history, health and other issues need to be checked as well to see if the person is qualified for such an operation.

Gene therapy is also a new form of hearing treatment that is being looked at by specialists. Gene therapy is a natural solution wherein new cochlea cells are grown for specific people. There is nothing definite yet with gene therapy, and the only thing a person can do is hope for the future.

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